Multipole Disconnector by Schaltbau

SCP/INTERSA GROUP,  authorized distributor of Schaltbau. We are pleased to announce that for the since 2015 on market existing Multipole Disconnector for Railway Vehicles: Disconnecting Switches, Earthing Switches, Disconnector with Earthing Switches and Change-Over-Switches” of SPII S.p.A from now on detailed sales documents will be available as follows:

– Catalogue F184
– Presentation
– Reference list

The documents in English language are available for download at:

Applications of Multipole Disconnectors:

The Multipole Disconnectors with the functions disconnecting, earthing and disconnecting as well as change-over-switching are mainly used in rail vehicles.
They are used in traction and auxiliary inverters, as well as in all circuits in the voltage range of 750VDC up to 3kVDC, where they were used as DC-Link, transformer configurator switches, auxiliary disconnectors and switches, disconnectors and earthing of train busbars and other high
voltage circuits and much more.


Features and technical data

  • Modular and compact design 
  • Standard versions and customized version 
  • Function:                

–   Disconnector            

–   Earthing Switch            

–   Disconnector and Earthing switch combined            

–   Change-Over-Switch  

  • 3 drive units available:             

 –   Manual           

 –   Electric (Motor/Gear-Unit)           

 –   Electric (linear motor)

  • Digital encoder 24V for electric driven version (Motor/Gear-Unit)  

  • Main contacts / Switching chambers:             

 -NC, NO, COS   –  assembly for each chamber individual              

-Nominal voltage 600VDC up to 3kVDC;           

-Thermal current 500A per switching chamber – parallel circuit possible 

  •  HV- detection and indication by 3kV LEDs 
  • Rated impulse current up to 50kA/25ms  
  • Switching without load         

Forced switching activation by spring under construction

  • Quantity of switching chambers up to 10 units  
  • Control voltage for electric drive units: 24VDC up to 110VDC
  • Up to 4 switching positions 
  • Different and customized key locking system (Key locks, padlocks) 
  • Auxiliary contacts available 
  • Mechanical endurance up to 125.000 cycles (with maintance) 
  • Overvoltage (OV) class: OV1, OV2, OV3
  • Pollution Degree (PD) category: PD1, PD2, PD3

Samples extract of possible customized variants

Examplified modularity of switching chambers

As an oficial distributor of Schaltbau in Spain and Portugal, SCp/Sintersa Group is able to supply Multipole DIsconnectors and a extense range of railway stuff, disconectors and other products. If you want more information do not hesitate to contac us by the next link.

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